About the Author: Samuel G. Green

Samuel Gosnell Green was a Baptist pastor, scholar, editor, childrens minister and educator (in math, among other subjects) who walked this earth between the dates of December 20, 1822 - September 15, 1905. He was the eldest son in a small family of nine children, and he was sent to boarding school at the age of 12 or 13. At the age of 25, he married Elizabeth Leader Collier (herself an eldest daughter), with whom he spent over 56 years of his life before she passed away on May 23, 1905. Samuel G. Green passed away less than four months later. Together, they had four children, three sons and a daughter.

In 1843, Samuel G. Green received his B.A. from the University of London, Regents Park College - where his eldest son Samuel W. Green M.A. was later a Professor of New Testament Exegesis. His degree of D.D. was an honorary degree (though well earned through his life's work) from the University of St. Andrews, bestowed in 1900.

S. G. Green's "Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament" was originally published in 1870 and revised many times thence.

(edition here is 1912, revised)

Demand was soon generated for a smaller Primer or Summary which might serve as an introduction of the larger work, and so in 1894, Green published "A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek", which also underwent revision and multiple reprints. Samuel W. Green produced a "Key to the Exercises" (which also underwent revision) to accompany this book.

(edition here is 1913 seventh impression [book] and 1912 [key])

S. G. Green published "A Handbook to Old Testament Hebrew" in 1901, which itself (is it any surprise?) also recieved revision.

(edition here is 1921, third edition)

To date, I have not found any evidence indicating a direct relation of Samuel Green to his contemporaries Thomas Sheldon Green (1800's author who published works on N.T. Greek) or William Henry Green (1800's author who published a Hebrew Grammar, and was "Professor at the Theological Seminary at Princeton, NJ"), but it is an interesting coincidence (if it is one) that they all wrote on the topic of Biblical Languages and their last names all happened to be Green.

(Green's basic family/education background information here is partially drawn from "Dictionary of National Biography" edited by Sidney Lee, available on Google Books - which is worth looking up. It contains more interesting information which I would love to just copy for you, but it is under copyright, so I will respect that.)